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体验武汉小雨家:CIIE will help us better understand and learn the Chinese market

“CIIE will help us better understand and learn the Chinese market”

Brussels, November 8th (Reporter Fang Yingxin) “The influence of China’s economy has attracted worldwide attention.Has a very large consumer market,Compared with other parts of the world,The Chinese market undoubtedly has greater vitality,This is very attractive to any European company.”recently,Andrea Pozzolini, CEO of Italian automatic coffee machine manufacturer Rhea Vendors Group (Rui Yan), said in an interview with reporters,This year the company participated in the China International Import Expo for the first time.Harvest full,Using this excellent platform to increase contact with potential partners,Expanded cooperation.

Pozzolini said,For several years,The CIIE provides an important reference for all foreign investors and importers in China.Now affected by the epidemic,Most professional exhibitions in the world were forced to close or postpone,China insisted on holding the Import Expo at this time,Provides a rare opportunity for global enterprises,To help them better understand and learn the Chinese market,So as to provide Chinese consumers with highly customized products and services,It can also promote business exchanges and cooperation between the same industry.

“Take the coffee consumer market as an example,China’s coffee market has huge potential,Consumers’ interest in coffee is increasing day by day,Reflects a clear consumption upgrade trend.Said Pozzolini.In recent years, China has worked hard to create an open, legalized business environment,We are like other foreign companies,Hope to take root in the Chinese market,Sharing development dividends.

According to reports,In March this year, the company established a branch in Shanghai,Despite the new crown pneumonia epidemic,But thanks to a good open policy and strong market demand,The branch is currently operating smoothly,Market feedback is positive,Meet the company’s expectations.Pozzolini said,”China’s huge e-commerce market will be the company’s new business growth point.We are willing to develop various forms of cooperation with Chinese companies,Provide better products and services to Chinese consumers.”