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武汉光谷饼子论坛:Could the Tokyo Olympics be held like this?

Could the Tokyo Olympics be held like this?

Tokyo, November 8. Could the Tokyo Olympics be held like this?

Reporter Wang Zijiang

The Shikoku Gymnastics Invitational ended on the 8th at Yoyogi Gymnasium in Tokyo.This is since the outbreak of the new crownThe first international competition held in the Tokyo Olympic venue,Although only 30 players from China, Russia, the United States and Japan participated in the competition,However, Japan believes that it has set a benchmark for hosting the Olympic Games under the epidemic situation.

The International Gymnastics Federation and the organizing committee have adopted very strict measures to prevent the epidemic.In addition to maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and disinfecting fingers,It also includes the following aspects: First,Participants can only perform activities in hotels and venues.By private car,There is basically no contact with the outside world,Even when dining in a hotel,No contact between the teams; secondly,Conduct nucleic acid tests on participants every morning,Once a positive case is found,Immediately cease their qualifications; third,Before all personnel enter the arena,Body temperature, hand disinfection and spray disinfection mist must be tested; fourth,Limit the number of viewers,In a stadium that can hold more than 13,000 people,The organizing committee only allowed 2,000 people to enter.

The scene on the stadium is also different from the game before the epidemic.In addition to athletes,The staff and coaches all put on masks,Touching each other’s elbows instead of shaking hands,Even the signature pen shared between previous coaches,All teams also bring their own,The epidemic prevention measures can be said to be done in every detail.

In fact, the above measures are also plans that Japan plans to adopt at the Olympic Games next year.According to the plan of the Tokyo Olympics Epidemic Prevention Committee,All specific measures will be introduced at the end of the year,The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee will definitely take this game as a preview before the measures are introduced.IOC President Bach also has high hopes for this competition.He sent a video speech at the opening,Said “The holding of this competition,It proves that the Olympic Games can be held under the epidemic situation.”Obviously, all parties hope that this competition can become a concrete and subtle template for the Olympic Games next year.

but,A competition of 30 athletes,After all, it cannot be compared with the Olympics.There are more than 10,000 athletes participating in the Olympics,Add referees, officials, journalists, sponsors and volunteers,Even if no spectators enter,It is also about 50,000 people,Take the same epidemic prevention measures for such a huge crowd,Even with sufficient funds and sufficient equipment,It will also be a huge challenge.

The Olympic Games adopt the above model,Another premise is that all delegations and personnel must actively cooperate in the implementation of epidemic prevention measures.The Tokyo Olympics Epidemic Prevention Committee once stated,Each delegation needs to take over the responsibility of its own athletes,It even expressed fines for violators.

If the global epidemic remains in its current state,A large number of delegations will gather in Tokyo for the Olympic Games next year.The risks and challenges remain severe.Therefore,The reference value of this four-nation gymnastics competition cannot be overestimated.In order to ensure the holding of the Olympic Games,The International Olympic Committee and Japan still need to make great efforts.