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武汉sz和sn什么意思:French Foreign Minister visits Egypt to seek relaxation of relations

French Foreign Minister visits Egypt to seek relaxation of relations

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian visited the Egyptian capital Cairo on the 8th,Tell Egypt,France respects Islam,Seek to ease relations with this Arab power.

Regarding controversial cartoons involving religion,French President Emmanuel Macron’s previous statement made some Islamic countries dissatisfied.Cause tension in the relationship.

[Tao respect]

Le Drian met with Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Sisi on the 8th,Foreign Minister Sameh Hassan Shukeri and Egypt’s Al-Azhar Mosque, Ahmed Taib.

At the press conference held that day,Le Drian stood next to Shukeri,Said: “I hereby emphasize and re-emphasize our deep respect for Islam. what we are fighting against is terrorism,That’s the hijacking of religion,It is extremism.”

Le Drian said,The purpose of this visit is to “explain this struggle.”

A Parisian teacher was killed last month for showing controversial cartoons involving religion.Macron then expressed his defense of the right to freely display those comics.Many Muslims regard Macron’s remarks as an attack and insult to Islam.

Taib condemned Macron’s statements as “racism” last month.Spread “hate speech.”

Le Drian told reporters,He found a lot in common in their respective views,”The Grand Master (Taib) proposed that we work together towards reaching a consensus.”

[Cause worry]

Le Drian is scheduled to go to Morocco on the 9th,Meet with officials from this North African country.

French Interior Minister Gérard Dalmanin visited Tunisia and Algeria last week,Discuss issues of security cooperation and combating terrorism with officials of the two countries.Before departure,Dalmanin told reporters in Rome, the Italian capital,France is fighting against religious extremism.Not specific to a religion.

German News Agency reported,Against the background of the murder of a teacher in Paris and the attack on the church of Nice,People in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and other countries are worried that the French government will use terrorism to expel immigrants.

The attacker of the Nice church was a Tunisian man.I entered Italy illegally in September,Then arrived in France.

Deutsche News Agency quoted official data reports,About 600,000 Tunisian immigrants live in France,The number of Moroccan immigrants in France is approximately 1 million.(Liu Xiuling) (Special feature)