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武汉后湖养生sz:Gardening fever breeds stealing green plants during the epidemic

“Gardening fever” breeds “stealing green plants” during the epidemic

Many Filipinos spend their time playing gardening during the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic at home.Promoting a surge in demand for green plants and soaring prices.however,The “green plant fever” has also contributed to illegal acts of stealing plants from parks and protected areas.

【Price soaring】

Agence France-Presse reported on the 9th,Many Filipinos rely on planting flowers to relieve stress during the epidemic.And “show” the exquisite flowers and green plants from your backyard and balcony on social media.

“Growing small things is the safest way to please yourself.”Said Norma Karasig Villanueva, former president of the Philippine Horticultural Society.

The landscape designer Alvin Chinkuanko said: “Unbelievable.People are now very interested in green plants.”Some varieties of monstera were 800 pesos (about 109 yuan) per plant before the epidemic,Now each plant has risen to 5.50,000 pesos (7518 yuan).

Arlene Gumera-Pas, a green plant seller in the capital Manila, reopened after a few months of “closing the city.”Daily turnover is three times that before the epidemic.Although the prices of the most popular ornamental plants such as alocasia and spider plant have soared exponentially,Purchase demand remains strong.

Gumera-Pas wholesales green plants from growers in several surrounding provinces.She said: “People’s psychology is really hard to understand.When green plants are cheap, they are not taken seriously.”

[Breeds for theft]

Gardener Ivy Bautista said: “It’s so absurd.The plants I used to buy for 400 pesos now sell for 5,000 pesos.”She worried,Some green plant sellers are asking “outrageously” prices.Will encourage theft.

The Philippine government reminds that many green plants in the market are not obtained through legal channels.Park rangers patrolling the forests of the southern province of Zamboanga now not only have to be alert to illegal loggers and wildlife poachers,Also need to beware of “plant thieves.”Some officials found thatOnly plants that grow in protected areas appear in gardening photos on social media.

Maria Cristina Rodríguez, regional director of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Zamboanga Province, said,The theft of plants increased during the “closure of the city”.”Before the epidemic,We rarely find people who steal plants.”

Philippine law prohibits the extraction of endangered species from forests.Violators are subject to heavy penalties; although other native plants are allowed to be collected,But it needs to be approved in advance.

[Thieves are hard to catch]

Rodriguez said that the targets of “plant thieves” are “net celebrities” such as antlers and pitcher plants.In her opinion,Once the plant is dug up and sold,It is difficult to prove that it comes from a protected forest,Therefore, “catch a thief” is difficult.

There have been multiple thefts of park plants in the northern city of Baguio in the Philippines.Urge the government to tighten security measures,Ask people to let go of plants on social media “Facebook”.

Renan Divas, Director of the Baguio City Environment and Park Management Office said,So far only 5 plant thieves have been arrested,The motivation “may be boring,It may also want to make money.”

The Daily Inquirer of the Philippines published an article last month condemning the high prices of green plants.Consumers are urged to buy green plants from sellers who have legal purchase channels.

“Be careful where the plants come from,”Rodriguez said.”Once the species is dug up from the natural place,The ecosystem will be out of balance.”(Chen Dan) (Special feature)