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武汉高端sz微信:Realize full-process closed-loop control and traceability of imported cold chain food

Realize full-process closed-loop control and traceability for imported cold chain food

Beijing, November 9th  (Reporter Wang Linlin) The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism for the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic issued the “Work Plan for Preventive and Comprehensive Disinfection of Imported Cold Chain Food” to the country on the 9th.Program requirements,Realize the traceability of the whole process closed-loop control,Minimize the risk of the new coronavirus being imported through imported cold chain food.Implement preventive and comprehensive disinfection treatment before imported cold chain food comes into contact with people in China for the first time.

In order to effectively prevent the new crown pneumonia epidemic from importing cold chain food risks,Program requirements,On the basis of doing a good job in the detection of imported cold chain foods for the new coronavirus,Give full play to the killing effect of disinfection on the new coronavirus,While ensuring the safety of imported cold chain food,Improve port clearance efficiency,Avoid the backlog of goods in the port,Ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.

In the port link,Program requirements,If the test result is positive,Reject or destroy according to regulations.If the test result is negative,The customs department organizes, guides and urges the inspection of site operators or import companies,Disinfect the inner wall of the container and the outer packaging of the imported cold chain food.

In the cold chain transportation and in and out links,Program requirements,During the transportation of imported cold chain food,The carrier must not open the box,In the domestic transportation section, the transportation management department should supervise and guide cold chain logistics enterprises to strictly inspect customs clearance documents.Implement measures such as disinfection of loading and transportation equipment such as transportation vehicles and ships, and personal protection of front-line staff.When cold storage accepts imported cold chain food,The container number and seal number should be recorded and verified truthfully,Make a good record of the goods in and out of the warehouse,Relevant data and records should be kept for at least 2 years.

In the circulation link,Program requirements,For imported cold chain foods released from ports,Before the social cold storage or the enterprise cold storage is turned over and stored in the warehouse,The relevant production and business units inspect the disinfection certificate attached to the goods,If not disinfected,When unloading the cargo,Disinfect the inner wall of the container and the outer packaging of the batch of goods.

In the market segment,Program requirements,Strengthen the inspection of relevant certificates of whether imported cold chain foods are disinfected,Prevent imported cold chain foods that have not undergone comprehensive preventive disinfection treatment from entering the market.Further improve the traceability management,Ensure that all imported cold chain foods entering the market can be traced and whereabouts can be traced.

“People’s Daily” (11th edition on November 10, 2020)