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:An unforgettable event,A brand new starting point (Wanghailou)

An unforgettable event,A new starting point (Wanghailou)

  November 10,The third China International Import Expo came to an end.after many years,Businessmen from afar will not forget this special journey in 2020.Don’t forget the overwhelming popularity and harvest in “Four Leaf Clover”.

  at first,There are also doubts: Traveling far and wide, overcoming the difficulties of the epidemic,Is it worth it?

  ”The Chinese market is too important” “This is an opportunity we cannot give up”,The exhibitors from all over the world responded.At this CIIE,Only one exhibition area for food and agricultural products,1,264 companies from 93 countries participated in the exhibition.Came one after another,Not only because the Chinese market is here,Also because when the world economy was hit hard,Businessmen from all over the world are eager to see the bright colors in the mist,There is an urgent need to work together to win confidence in the future.In this sense,The third CIIE is more special than previous years.It also carries more expectations.

  ”True value!”just now,Bring up this question again,Many exhibitors did not hesitate.6 days,Too many “unimaginable” are born here.The essence of the “four-leaf clover”, the crowd is surging,Orders, investments,Holding hands and cooperating again and again are witnesses.

  This is an unforgettable event.At the moment when the pause button is pressed at many major international exhibitions,Hundreds of “World Premiere, Asian Premiere, China Premiere” are enough to make people full of passion.The author has participated in the CIIE for 3 consecutive years,The biggest feeling is that the popularity remains unchanged,And innovation is upgrading,The excitement is doubling.From the ping pong robot that knows “mind reading”,To ultra-thin flexible glass that is only 1/3 the diameter of a human hair; from foldable inflatable kayaks,To the advanced gas turbine,The audience can not only feast their eyes and take a closer look at the Chinese market,It can also gain insights into new trends in the world economy.It’s no wonder that many exhibitors are also busy,Visit well,Enjoy the feast.

  This is a journey full of rewards.Will visit merchants,They have too many good stories.Some use the new product “small test sledge knife”,Exploring the potential of the Chinese market from the interest of purchasers; sometimes I met so many “unimaginable” new friends,Was convinced by the powerful appeal of the CIIE; some of them ranged from finding orders for products on display to meeting investment partners,Calling unexpected and unexpected; some are happy to lead the “red” line,To become a big circle of friends,Signed a contract again.on a one-year basis,This year’s CIIE has accumulated 726 intent transactions.200 million US dollars,Increased by 2.1%.The Chinese market, which was the first to recover, once again used the opportunity of the CIIE to convey a strong warmth to the world.

  6 days is very short,But the “seeds” planted at the CIIE,It will take root and bear fruit in the days to come.In the next 10 years, the market where imported goods are expected to exceed US$22 trillion is the soil.China’s consistent commitment to openness and sustained and stable economic development,It is sunshine and rain.

  Towards the close,There is also a booth map marking the future.Up there,It’s a placeholder tag that the company locked in advance,Currently hundreds of companies have signed up and signed contracts to participate in the 4th CIIE.Regardless of country, regardless of size,This is a vote of confidence cast by global companies for the CIIE, for the Chinese market, and for open cooperation.

  The end of the “13th Five-Year Plan” is coming soon,The new chapter of the “14th Five-Year Plan” is about to begin.This exhibition,Not only witnessing a new starting point,Also show by action,A Chinese market connecting both inside and outside, the responsibility and responsibility of a big country,It can inject firm confidence and tremendous energy into the recovery of the world economy.

  CIIE,We will meet again next year!

  (The author is a commentator for this newspaper)