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武汉高端sz微信:Disaster caused by heavy rainfall in southeastern Mexico kills 27

Disaster caused by heavy rainfall in southeastern Mexico kills 27

Mexico City, November 9th (Reporter Wu Hao) The Mexican Civil Defense Department issued a report on the 9th, saying,In southeastern Mexico, heavy rainfall in recent days caused natural disasters such as floods,Killed 27 people,More than 180,000 people were affected.

The report says,In the past few days, hurricane ETA and cold front activities have caused heavy rainfall in southeastern Mexico.Caused the river water level to rise sharply,Flooding occurred in some low-lying areas,There were landslides in many other places,Some bridges and roads were damaged.

Mexican President Lopez said that day,In some areas, heavy precipitation occurs once in 50 years,This is an “extraordinary” phenomenon.Currently,The federal government has sent thousands of soldiers to the disaster-stricken areas to carry out rescue work.

Hurricane ETA began to sweep the coastal areas of many Central American countries on the 3rd.After passing through the interior of northern Nicaragua and central Honduras,Arrived in the Caribbean Sea near Mexico,Dozens of people died in countries along the route.