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With the NBA in limbo in the midst of its 74th season

Kerr knows the questions will continue as the documentary comes to a conclusion over the next couple of weeks. He understands the interest surrounding that final Jordan-led Bulls team, but he admits that some of the old storylines, like the scuffle with Jordan, have not been as fun to remember.

“We’re getting into the second three-peat,” Kerr said of the documentary. “And some of the more personal aspects and stories. And that part is, I have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand I’m really happy that this stuff is archived. I’m happy my kids get to see footage from when they were just toddlers or not even born yet. And for them to see what my life was like back then is really cool.

“On the other hand, there’s a reason that this kind of project is not done more often. It’s very private. It’s a behind-the-scenes look and most coaches will stick to that policy of the locker room being sacred and that was such a unique season and a unique time that that decision was made to allow for that. It’s different. It’s really different.”

With the NBA in limbo in the midst of its 74th season插图

“I think everybody’s fascinated by it but when you’re part of a team sometimes you want some of that stuff to stay private,” Kerr said. “But again, that was kind of the bargain that was struck. We would allow this camera group behind the scenes and we’d have that season documented and it was ‘the last dance,’ and now here we are 22 years later and it’s opening up a time capsule or something.”

“I think this documentary is giving you a pretty good glimpse inside his life and how different his life was as a player and that probably affected his life ever since,” Kerr said. “He’s very, very private … we might run into each other once a year or so at maybe a golf tournament or All-Star Weekend or maybe in Charlotte when we play and he’s always great and it’s fun to see each other and we relive a few old times and then just move on.

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