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武汉男人夜生活网:BWF tournament restart plan frustrated, first Indian Open may be cancelled插图

武汉男人夜生活网:BWF tournament restart plan frustrated, first Indian Open may be cancelled

BWF tournament restart plan frustrated, first Indian Open may be cancelled

The World Badminton Federation just announced its plan to restart the event,It is very likely to encounter setbacks that the plan cannot be implemented on schedule.According to a report by The Times of India on May 27,The India Hyderabad Open, which was originally scheduled to kick off on August 11, is likely to be cancelled because it does not comply with India’s epidemic prevention regulations.

The Hyderabad Open is the first event in the BWF World Championship restart plan.I don’t know if the World Badminton Federation has communicated with India when announcing the event’s restart plan.But a few days after the plan was announced,The Indian side came out that this event may not be held on schedule.


India head coach Gebi Chand

The Secretary General of the Indian Badminton Association Sinhaniya said in an interview with Indian media: “In my opinion,The Hyderabad Open is unlikely to be held in August.Because Sports Minister Kilen Rigiru made it clear a few days ago,It is impossible for India to host international competitions during this period.So I think it will be held at least until October,Under the current epidemic situation,It is very difficult to host the Hyderabad Open.”

Sinhania said he had already expressed his attitude to the BWF.”We have sent an email to the BWF,The content is probably that we must comply with the government’s epidemic prevention policy,I personally think that the Indian government will not allow this competition.But I hope that when the epidemic improves,The Indian Said Modi Open can be held in November and the Indian Open can be held in December.”

The Indian Badminton Association even decided,Before finding the new crown pneumonia vaccine,There will not be any youth badminton trials in China.”Because of these games,Generally there are two to three thousand people participating in the competition,It is impossible for us to take epidemic prevention measures for so many children and parents,Until next summer,None of us will hold youth competitions.”

When the World Badminton Federation announced its plan to resume the game not long ago, it emphasized thatThis plan will change due to the epidemic prevention measures of various countries.In India, the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia has been rising,It is also normal to request that the competition cannot be held as scheduled.The BWF originally planned to resume the competition in mid-August.A total of 22 events will be held by the end of the year.Now it seems,Some of these events are likely to be cancelled.

Fortunately, the next games this year are not points events for the Tokyo Olympics.Even if some of these matches will be cancelled,Ultimately, it will not affect the players’ qualifications for the Tokyo Olympics next year.

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