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武昌品茶网:Hot comments丨The CIIE reflects the inseparable economic and trade relationship between China and the United States

Hot comments丨The CIIE reflects the inseparable economic and trade relationship between China and the United States

In the context of the epidemic and the global economy entering a recession,The convening of the third CIIE undoubtedly added a touch of brightness to the world economy in the cold winter.The enthusiasm of American companies for participatingSome famous companies also settled their China headquarters in Shanghai while participating in the exhibition.It reflects the indivisible economic and trade relationship between China and the United States.

The number of products exhibited in the United States ranks first,Annotate big trends vividly with data.According to the information released on the official website of the CIIE,A total of 197 exhibitors from the United States participated this time.1,373 items on display,The number of exhibitors ranked third,The number of exhibited products ranked first.In the context of Sino-US trade frictions lasting more than two years and the US government’s escalating trade war with China,Many American exhibitors came to China to participate,It fully shows that the CIIE has a strong attraction to American companies,Trade protectionism does not conform to the fundamental interests of the Chinese and American people.The general trend of globalization is irreversible.

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“No matter what risks, disasters, or countercurrents are encountered,Human society always has to advance,And it must be able to move on.The general trend of openness and cooperation among countries has not changed.We have to join hands,Jointly respond to risks and challenges,Jointly strengthen cooperation and communication,Jointly expand opening up.We must commit ourselves to promoting common openness for win-win cooperation.””Trust instead of suspicion,Hand in hand instead of punching,Negotiate rather than abuse.”At this CIIE,President Xi Jinping made incisive expositions on the world economic situation and China’s position.The enthusiasm of U.S. companies to participate in the exhibition provides a realistic explanation for this argumentWith their actions and choices, they affirmed China’s position and plan for expanding opening up, adhering to globalization and multilateralism.

Fortune 500 American companies settled in Shanghai,Show confidence in China’s investment with actions.At the CIIE,The participants found thatAlthough it is the first time for American exhibitor Tyson to participate in the CIIE,But it quickly became a popular booth.Freshly fried thick steak, Angus beef patties. all kinds of raw materials squeak on the pan,The fragrance became the best sign of the booth.Not only that,November 6,Tyson Foods Group and South Hongqiao Management Committee signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement,Become the first Fortune 500 regional headquarters to land in the core area of Hongqiao Business District.Tyson Foods Group ranked 306th in the world’s Fortune 500 in 2019,Revenue in fiscal year 2019 was as high as 400.US$5.2 billion.Participated in the CIIE for the first time and settled the China headquarters in Shanghai,This fully shows the confidence of enterprises in investing in China.

Actually,The Chinese and American economies are highly complementary,The two countries have established close economic relations through trade, investment, and economic cooperation.Formed a harmonious community,Despite all the twists and turns,But win-win cooperation is the general trend,The CIIE provides a good opportunity to strengthen economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and promote the common prosperity of the two countries.

The CIIE builds a platform,Urge China and the United States to meet each other halfway.According to data from the General Administration of Customs, In 2019, my country’s cumulative exports to the United States totaled 418.7 billion U.S. dollars.The import value is 122.7 billion U.S. dollars,A year-on-year decrease of 12.5% and 20.9%.Based on multiple rounds of consultations,China and the U.S. formally signed the first phase of the China-U.S. economic and trade agreement in January 2020.Its content mainly involves deepening bilateral trade cooperation, expanding market access, and two-way opening up in the financial sector, increasing the protection of intellectual property rights, and realizing tariffs from increase to reduction.

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At the CIIE,Many American companies said in interviews,The future Chinese market is an important fulcrum for the global development of enterprises.As important trading partners of each other, China and the United States,Have consistency in the general direction of national interests,my country should actively seek Sino-US economic and trade cooperation,Try to control the scope of disputes on the basis of safeguarding national interests,Solve the problem through various means.The CIIE demonstrates China’s determination to expand its opening up.It has also become an important platform for American products to enter China and promote Sino-US economic and trade cooperation.We look forward to taking the CIIE as an opportunity,China and the United States meet each other,Properly resolve conflicts and differences,Promote the economic and trade development of the two countries,Effectively safeguard the well-being of the two peoples.

(Written by Wang Xiaosong, researcher of the National Institute of Development and Strategy, Renmin University of China, professor of the School of Economics)