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武汉学生饼子群:Japan’s November 9 epidemic: 782 new confirmed cases and 12 new deaths

Japan November 9th epidemic: 782 new confirmed cases and 12 new deaths

Tokyo, November 10. According to the Asahi Shimbun,9th,There are 782 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Japan,The number of new cases in a single day for 2 consecutive days fell below 1,000.There were 12 new deaths.

There are 157 new confirmed cases in Tokyo.Affected by the number of people tested,As the number of newly confirmed cases is decreasing on Monday,The number of new cases has reached a high level since August 17 (161 cases).

78 new cases were added in Osaka Prefecture,It fell below 100 cases after 5 days.

In addition,Sixteen of the members of the Baseball Division of Ryukoku University in Kyoto have been diagnosed with COVID-19.They once lived together in the dormitory of the baseball club in Otsu City.In the Baseball Club dormitory of Otsu City, two people were previously diagnosed with COVID-19.(Compiler: Chen Jianjun)