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汉川剁饼子论坛:Libya’s new round of political dialogue held in Tunisia

Libya’s new round of political dialogue held in Tunisia

Tunisia, November 9th (Reporter Pan Xiaojing and Huang Ling) A new round of political dialogue in Libya was held in Tunisia, the capital of Tunisia,A total of 75 representatives from Libyan parties participated.The dialogue lasted for 6 days.

Stephanie Williams, Acting Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on Libya and the head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, and Tunisian President Said attended the meeting that day.

Williams said at the meeting,This dialogue is really not easy.The permanent ceasefire agreement signed by both parties to the conflict in Libya previously “paved the way for our solidarity today.”She said,I believe that all Libyan parties participating in this dialogue have the ability to reach consensus on relevant issues,And finally reached a solution.

Said stated that this dialogue aims to achieve peace in Libya.Reiterating that the Libyan problem can only be solved by “li people”,And it should be based on the consensus of all factions in Libya.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya issued a statement that day saying,The overall goal of this dialogue is to reach a consensus on a unified governance framework in Libya.To “restore Libya’s sovereignty and the democratic legitimacy of institutions.”

October 23,Both parties to the conflict in Libya signed a ceasefire agreement in Geneva,Decided to implement a “complete and permanent” ceasefire throughout Libya.

Since the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime in 2011,Libya is in turmoil.The national unity government recognized by the United Nations and the armed forces supporting it control parts of the western region,The National Congress is allied with the “National Army”,The two parties in the conflict formed a separatist confrontation in Libya.In January this year,The UN-led International Conference on Libya was held in Berlin, the capital of Germany.All parties at the meeting agreed to resolve the Libyan issue politically rather than militaryly.And to start negotiations on the three tracks of military, political and economic.