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武汉休闲放水:Lufthansa Group’s first three quarters net loss of 5.6 billion euros

Lufthansa Group’s first three quarters net loss of 5.6 billion euros

Frankfurt, November 5th (Reporter Shen Zhonghao) The financial report released by Lufthansa Group on the 5th shows thatAffected by the new crown epidemic,In the first three quarters of this year,Lufthansa’s operating income decreased by approximately 60% year-on-year,The net loss was EUR 5.6 billion.

The financial report shows thatIn the first three quarters of this year, Lufthansa’s airlines carried a total of 32.2 million passengers.Only 29% of the same period last year,The flight attendance rate decreased by 15 percentage points year-on-year to 68%.110 aircraft of the group were grounded,Is not expected to resume operations,The resulting asset impairment losses amounted to 1.4 billion euros.

Lufthansa CEO Carsten Sp?ll said,By strictly controlling costs and increasing summer flights,Lufthansa’s funding pressure has eased in the third quarter of this year.Lufthansa hopes to resume positive cash flow in 2021,To this end, we will continue to promote corporate restructuring,Continue to improve the operational efficiency of all departments.

Shi Boer pointed out,Due to the increase in the global infection rate of the new coronavirus,Plus relevant travel restrictions,The demand for air travel is expected to remain sluggish.The global aviation industry will usher in a difficult and challenging winter.

Lufthansa is the major air transport group in Europe.After the German Federal Government provided 9 billion euros in aid in June this year,Hold about 20% of the shares,Become the largest shareholder of Lufthansa.