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汉口可以放水的店:Macron said the Schengen area should strengthen border control

Macron said the Schengen area should strengthen border control

  In view of the recent successive attacks in Europe,French President Emmanuel Macron said on the 5th,Europe must rethink the border opening policy of the Schengen area,The security of the external borders of the Schengen area needs to be strengthened.

  Macron inspected the border checkpoint between France and Spain that day,Saying that he supports “in-depth reform of the Schengen area system,Rethink its organizational form,And strengthen the security of our common border with border troops of appropriate size.”

  Macron said,He will formally put forward proposals for enhancing border security during the European Union summit in December.Including “the establishment of real police security forces along the (EU) external borders”.

  A French government official told Reuters,France will seek support from other EU countries before the summit,Such as Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.The official said,France does not intend to restrict the freedom of personnel,The proposal will be based on Macron’s call last year,That is to strengthen European border power,Member states are obliged to provide intelligence on cross-border personnel.

  There are 26 countries in the Schengen area,In addition to the 22 EU member states,It also includes 4 non-EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.According to the Schengen Agreement,People are allowed to pass freely within the Schengen area.

  There have been two attacks in Europe in the past week.Tunisian man Brahim Avisavi killed 3 people with a knife in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Nice, France, on the morning of October 29.Avisavi arrived in Lampedusa, Italy more than a month ago.Take the train to France a few hours before the attack.

  An Austrian-born gunman who was born in North Macedonia shot a crowd in the center of Vienna, the capital of Austria, on the evening of the 2nd.Caused 4 deaths.The Austrian side said,The man tried to buy ammunition in neighboring Slovakia in July.

  Macron believes thatThe recent attacks showed that terrorists took advantage of the free movement of people in the Schengen area.It warned Europe that “the risk of terrorism is everywhere.”

  France raised the warning level of terrorist attacks to the highest level last week.Macron said,France has decided to “significantly strengthen border control in the Schengen area”,Including the deployment of 4,800 police, military police and military personnel,Double the original number.”We need to crack down on illegal immigrants and human traffickers who are connected with terrorism.”

  Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio this week also urged Europe to strengthen its defense against terrorism.Again, the need to amend EU immigration regulations.He told Italy’s “Evening Post” on the 4th: “Anyone can enter (EU) member states and travel through Europe.The risk is too high,Europe (security) is too vulnerable to intrusion.”

  Macron also hopes that the EU will adopt a unified refugee policy.In order to end the disputes caused by the refugee crisis in the EU in recent years.According to Eurostat data,Nearly 62 were discovered in 2019.80,000 non-EU citizens are illegally residing in the EU,An increase of 10% over the previous year.(Chen Dan) (Special feature)