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蔡甸现在饼子店还开着吗:Malaysia extends the scope of movement control to most of the country

Malaysia extends the scope of “movement control” to most of the country

Kuala Lumpur, November 7th (Reporters Lin Hao and Yu Wei) The Malaysian government stated on the 7th thatIn view of the continuous spread of the new crown epidemic,Decided to expand the scope of the movement control measures currently implemented in the capital Kuala Lumpur and other places to most parts of the country.

The Malaysian government has implemented “Conditional Movement Control Orders” in Sabah, the capital Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and other places where the epidemic has worsened rapidly since mid-October.Specific measures include restricting people’s cross-regional travel, closing schools and other places, and prohibiting many social activities.But most economic activities can proceed as usual.

Malaysian Defense Minister Ismail Sabri Jacobs, who is responsible for coordinating epidemic control measures, said on the 7th,After implementing the risk assessment, the health department found thatIn many states that have not implemented “conditional action control orders”,The number of new crown cases is increasing rapidly,The Malaysian government has decided to implement a “conditional movement control order” in Kedah, Malacca and other states from November 9 to December 6.

The Minister of Defense of Malaysia stated,The “Conditional Action Control Order” helps the health sector implement targeted screening measures,Reduce the movement of people,To curb the spread of the epidemic.He also pointed out thatThe “Conditional Movement Control Order” originally scheduled to end on November 9 in Kuala Lumpur and other places will be extended to December 6.This means that most parts of Malaysia will be under movement control.

The data reported by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia on the 7th showed thatAs of noon that day,The country has 1168 new confirmed cases of new crown in the past 24 hours,A total of 39,357 cases have been confirmed; a total of 282 cases have died; a total of 27,409 cases have been cured.