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Chen Yufei defended the British title as he fought more and moreDon’t think so much for now

Chen Yufei defended the British title as he fought more and moreDon’t think so much for now

Chen Yufei defended the British title as he fought more and moreDon’t think so much for now插图

The All England Badminton Open for two consecutive days,Guoyu’s single female single sister Chen Yufei is the earliest female singles player.March 12, Beijing time,Chen Yufei defeated Thai player Busan Lan 2-0,Break into the quarterfinals.After 3 rounds of fierce battle on the first day,In this game,Chen Yufei’s state has improved significantly.

Chen Yufei, who won 7 crowns last year,Won the women’s singles championship at the Malaysian Masters at the beginning of this year.Maintain a good competitive state.However, due to the Spring Festival and the epidemic,The national feathers did not compete for two months,Many players feel bad,Chen Yufei was also affected.

Chen Yufei encountered difficulties in the first round of the All England Championship.She fought 3 games with the 18-year-old South Korean teenager An Si Ying,In the end it was a thrilling 2-1 promotion.The second round on the 12th,Chen Yufei’s opponent is Thai star Busanlan.The two sides have played against each other 8 times,Chen Yufei won 6 of them,And in the last 4 matches,Chen Yufei all won.But the most recent time in the 2019 Japan Open,At that time, Chen Yufei fought hard for 3 games before winning the game.Facing such an opponent,Chen Yufei didn’t dare to be careless.

In the second round against Busanland,First game,The two sides compete fiercely in the opening stage,Busanlan once had a slight advantage.When 14 is behind 16,Chen Yufei began to exert her strength,Hit a wave of 7 to 1 scoring climax,Won the first game 21-17.Second round,Chen Yufei has completely recovered her state.At the beginning, he played a big advantage of 8 to 1,Since then, he has been taking the initiative on the court,In the end, the victory was easily secured by 21 to 13.So as to sweep the opponent 2-0,Be the first to advance to the quarterfinals.

this match,Chen Yufei was at a disadvantage in the start.Later it took the initiative completely.For such changes,Chen Yufei said: “I have encountered some difficulties in the front.Not quite adapted to her rhythm,So many mistakes were made.The second game adapted to the opponent’s rhythm and movements,Mainly because of the fake movements and more pauses in her hands.”Compared to the three hard games in the first game,Chen Yufei thinks that her condition is better than before,Even when passive in the game,She also has confidence in herself.

The National Yu Women’s Singles has 6 golden flowers participating this time.After the first round, Han Yue, Zhang Yiman, and Cai Yanyan were all eliminated.In the second round, Wang Zhiyi lost to Spanish star Marin 0-2.He Bingjiao 1-2 was reversed by Li Meihua and missed the quarterfinals.The important task of Guoyu Women’s Singles Championship still fell on Chen Yufei.

After reaching the quarterfinals,Chen Yufei was one step closer to defending.For the topic of defending,Chen Yufei said that she would not consider it for the time being.”Don’t think so much,Playing game after game,Strive to go further in the game.”In the quarterfinals, Chen Yufei’s opponent is another Thai star Intanon who is more powerful.Against this old opponent,Chen Yufei emphasized that he would go all out to win the battle.

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