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武汉夜生活网:Deyu Sailin Dan meets Shi Yuqi in the first round, Han Chengkai and Zhou Haodong withdraw unexpectedly

Deyu Sailin Dan meets Shi Yuqi in the first round, Han Chengkai and Zhou Haodong withdraw unexpectedly

武汉夜生活网:Deyu Sailin Dan meets Shi Yuqi in the first round, Han Chengkai and Zhou Haodong withdraw unexpectedly插图

February 11, Beijing time,The official website of the World Badminton Federation announced the signing of the German Open in March.Since this competition is held before the All England Open,Most of the main players in the national feathers will participate.The men’s singles signing has another amazing scene,The 36-year-old veteran Lin Dan will meet his teammate Shi Yuqi in the first round.Moreover, Lin Shi and Huang Yuxiang and Zhao Junpeng are in the men’s singles 4/4 area.For men’s doubles,Han Chengkai/Zhou Haodong, who were in full force in the top eight, retired unexpectedly.

Due to the impact of the epidemic,The main players of the national feathers have previously announced their withdrawal from the Spanish Masters from February 25 to March 1.Currently in the competition for Olympic men’s singles tickets,Chen Long ranked sixth with 71,610 points.Shi Yuqi ranked 12th with 48231 points.Lin Danji ranked 28th with 36590 points.Lin Dan is now 11641 points less than Shi Yuqi.At present, the end of the Olympic points tournament at the end of April,There are also German Open, All England Open, Swiss Open, Indian Open, Orleans Masters, Malaysia Open, Singapore Open,And the Badminton Asian Championships originally scheduled to be held in Wuhan from April 21st to 26th.

The German Open is a Super300 event,You can get 4900 points for reaching the top 4,The championship points reached 7000 points.But Lin Dan will encounter teammate Shi Yuqi in the first round.The two are in direct competition,And from the current state of the two, Lin Dan may obviously be at a disadvantage.And the winner between Lin Dan and Shi Yuqi,Will face the winner between Zhao Junpeng and Thai player Damacin in the second round,Among the four players who advanced to the quarterfinals,May meet Huang Yuxiang of Guoyu in the quarterfinals.Of course, if Lin Dan can win Shi Yuqi in the first round,The possibility of entering the quarterfinals or the quarterfinals is still relatively large.

If Guo Yu can successfully participate in the German Open,The subsequent Birmingham All England Open on March 11-15 will most likely be able to participate smoothly.The All England Open is a Super1000 event,It is also the most critical Olympic points match to date.The All England Open Championship points reached 12,000 points,The runner-up points are 10200 points,Even if he wins the first round and enters the top 16 he can get 4800 points.

Lin Dan participated in three races in January this year,All encountered a round of tour.There are still seven or eight games before the end of April,Whether the Asian Championships can be held as scheduled is still inconclusive.But Lin Dan still has the possibility of chasing points in theory.Lin Dan now needs a big outbreak,Of course, we must first try to win the first match of the German Open in March.Hope to win a personal first victory in the new season.

Women’s singles, Wang Zhiyi and He Bingjiao’s second person dispute is also fierce.Chen Yufei now ranks first in Olympic points,He Bingjiao is 9th and Wang Zhiyi is 12th,Wang Zhiyi is currently 12,890 points less than He Bingjiao.In the first round of the German Open, Wang Zhiyi faced Indonesia’s Fidiani,The second round is likely to face Chen Yufei, the top seed of the tournament.He Bingjiao’s opponents were not strong in the first two rounds,But the quarterfinals may encounter Marin of Spain.

Han Chengkai/Zhou Haodong, the national feather team ranked 11th in the Men’s Doubles Olympics,Retired unexpectedly before the game,Only two pairs of Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen and Zhang Nan/Ou Xuanyi participated in the National Yu Men’s Doubles in this Open.Doubles needs two pairs to enter the top eight.In order to get two full Olympic seats.Currently, only Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen ranks third in the Olympic standings in Guoyu.Han Chengkai/Zhou Haodong need to work harder in the subsequent games to help Guo Yu get the full men’s doubles Olympic seat.

The list of the Chinese team at the German Open:

Men’s singles: Chen Long, Shi Yuqi, Lin Dan, Lu Guangzu, Huang Yuxiang, Zhao Junpeng, Sun Feixiang

Women’s singles: Chen Yufei, He Bingjiao, Wang Zhiyi, Han Yue

Men’s Doubles: Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen, Zhang Nan/Ou Xuanyi

Women’s doubles: Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan, Du Yue/Li Yinhui, Liu Xuanxuan/Xia Yuting, Dong Wenjing/Feng Xueying

Mixed Doubles: Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong, Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping, Ou Xuanyi/Feng Xueying

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