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武汉夜生活论坛:German women’s singles star-studded Chen Yufei is still the biggest favorite to win

German women’s singles star-studded Chen Yufei is still the biggest favorite to win

武汉夜生活论坛:German women’s singles star-studded Chen Yufei is still the biggest favorite to win插图

Unlike the absence of many high-ranked players in men’s singles,The women’s singles field of the German Open is still star-studded.Except for Dai Ziying, Intanon, and Xindu,Chen Yufei, Japanese Shuangshu, and Olympic champion Ma Lin all signed up for the competition.On the latest lottery result,Three Guoyu gathered in the upper half,Han Yue alone is located in the lower half of Dumu Nanzhi.Chen Yufei, who was previously a rare “one-round tour” in the Indonesian Masters,It is still the biggest favorite to win the championship.

The German Open that will kick off on March 3,The Chinese women’s singles sent Chen Yufei, He Bingjiao, Wang Zhiyi and Han Yue to participate in the competition.among them,The top three are currently ranked among the top 16 in the Olympics.It can be said,Women’s singles is currently no worries about Olympic qualifications,It’s just that Chen Yufei is a determined Olympian,It depends on who can get the second place.

The top seed Chen Yufei started two races in the year,The Malaysian Masters won the championship,But he was eliminated in the first round of the subsequent Indonesian Masters.However, Chen Yufei’s “one round tour”, who has always played a stable role, is just an accident.Or it can be seen as a strategic adjustment,She was in this German Open,Still the one with the greatest hope of winning.

In the first round against Thai player Busan Lan,In the second round, facing the winner between Wang Zhiyi and Indonesia’s Fetrianne,For Chen Yufei,Are not too strong opponents,But coming to the quarterfinals,She will encounter South Korean “genius girl” An Xiying.Chen Yufei and An Xiying, who just passed her 18th birthday, didn’t fight much before.Winning is not very easy,This game will be the first highlight of the German Open women’s singles.

Guoyu No. 2 He Bingjiao, who was also in the upper half, was not strong in the first two rounds.If you can win smoothly,She will meet Rio Olympic champion Marin in the quarterfinals.In the semi-finals of the Indonesian Masters last month,He Bingjiao lost to the opponent 0-2,If you want to win this time, the difficulty is still not small.And He Bingjiao, who has not yet formed a greater breakthrough,As the Olympics draw closer,It is bound to come up with a more decisive attitude.

Han Yue, who is alone in the lower half, is less likely to break through.In front of her,With the second seed Akane Yamaguchi and the third seed Okuhara Hope,The lower half of the German Open,It should be the site of Japanese players,As for the upper half,It depends on whether Chen Yufei can successfully cross the Marin barrier again.Ushered in a “China-Japan war” in the final.”