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武汉夜生活网:18-year-old Chinese Shawa Wang Xinyu: My big goal is to win the Grand Slam championship!

18-year-old “Chinese Shawa” Wang Xinyu: My big goal is to win the Grand Slam championship!
August 3,The Italian Palermo Women’s Tennis Open will start shooting,The tour is officially restarted.But on July 24,The International Women’s Tennis Federation (WTA) officially announced thatAffected by the new crown epidemic,All the 7 competitions scheduled for this year in Mainland China have been cancelled.In other words, there will be no more Chinese seasons throughout 2020.

  Wang Xinyu, who was undergoing rehabilitation training at her home in Shenzhen, accepted the news calmly.In fact, since the suspension of international tennis in mid-March this year due to the epidemic,She has been mentally prepared for such a result, who had experienced the event being temporarily stopped and had to be transferred back to China.

  From the past doubles champion of the Grand Slam Junior Championship,The first person born after 00 to break into the Grand Slam tournament in China,Wang Xinyu has long understood that the promotion of professional players is to overcome one setback after another.The epidemic is just another setback beyond the plan.So even if the current schedule is completely disrupted,At the age of 18, she still has enough time to grow up.Laughing at the temporary predicament,It is to pursue the dream of a Grand Slam champion more firmly in the future.

  Before the start of the game,The game is cancelled

  Before the Spring Festival this year,When the epidemic just broke out in China,Wang Xinyu is participating in the first Grand Slam tournament of 2020 in Melbourne-the Australian Open.Although she unfortunately fell in the final round in the qualifying round,But in everyone’s opinion,It was just the beginning of the season,There is still a long time left for this 18-year-old girl.

  So after leaving the Australian Open,Wang Xinyu still followed the original plan,First went to Hua Hin, Thailand to play the WTA Thailand Open,I went to Kyoto, Japan to participate in an ITF tour.And then flew to the United States,Ready to stay there for 6 weeks,In the meantime, we will participate in two WTA high-level events,The Indian Wells Crown in mid-March and the Miami Open in late March.

  But just as she and the team have arrived in Indian Wells,While preparing for war,The bad news came.”I remember just the night before we all waited for the schedule to come out,The organizer suddenly told us,The game was all cancelled,Everyone was blindfolded.”Wang Xinyu said,Because before the domestic epidemic situation was severe,She basically plays out on the tour,So the feeling is not too much,And the sudden cancellation of the Indian Wells Crown Race,It made her feel that the virus is getting closer and closer to her for the first time,A bad premonition gradually emerged.

  really,After training for a few days in a tennis school in the United States,There was also a message of cancellation of the event from the Miami Open.At that time, all women’s events in Europe were also suspended.Wang Xinyu’s participation plan was completely disrupted.

  ”We originally planned to play 26 games this year.The result may not be 1/4,Everything changed.”Wang Xinyu’s father and former coach of the Chinese Women’s Tennis National Team Wang Peng told reporters.After discussing with the team,Wang Xinyu and his father decided to part ways with two European foreign teachers temporarily.Go home and watch the changes,Make plans for the future,So one of the two foreign teachers returned to Serbia,One back to Croatia,Wang Xinyu and his father embarked on a journey back to China.


  Tossed all the way,Finally returned home

  At that time, it was no longer possible to buy a direct flight from Florida to Shenzhen.So they first flew from Tampa to Los Angeles,I bought a ticket from Los Angeles to Qingdao,Finally flew back to Shenzhen from Qingdao.

  The journey is hard and special,Because flying in consideration of the epidemic,Wang Xinyu and his father have prepared masks, hand sanitizer and other epidemic prevention materials.But they found that during the flight in the United States,The locals don’t wear masks at all,There are no special measures to prevent the epidemic,It is inevitable that people will be flustered.And at the Los Angeles Airport,I met many compatriots returning home,All of them are fully protected,Not only are they wearing N95 masks,Some are wearing raincoats,Wear disposable gloves, protective glasses, etc.”I immediately felt relieved by this look.”Wang Xinyu said with a smile.

  that’s it,Wang’s father and daughter flew to Qingdao,They thought they were going back to Shenzhen for isolation,After arriving, I learned that the new policy is that all personnel returning from abroad are quarantined on the spot for 14 days.So Wang Xinyu lived in isolation in Qingdao.She said that it was a “particularly regular” day,Because I can’t go out,Naturally impossible to train,Fortunately, she has always brought some simple fitness equipment with her,Just doing physical exercises and yoga in the hotel room,Other times I just read books and chase dramas,I also took two vlogs to share with fans on social media.

  ”The mentality has always been quite peaceful.”she says.”Before I was always in my life state of preparing for the next race,Even during the winter offseason,I also wonder how to play next year’s game.But now there is a period of time for me to stop thinking about the game.I feel a lot easier,So the mood has always been relatively calm.”


  Days when there is no match to play,Ensure training first

  However, Wang Xinyu’s relaxed mood did not last long.As the WTA announced time and time again to extend the suspension period of all its events, the French Open was changed to the second half of the year, Wimbledon directly announced its cancellation, and the U.S. Open said it was held as scheduled but was not optimistic.In addition, domestic competitions have also been unable to land for a long time,Wang Xinyu became a little anxious.”I just want to play games.”she says.Even after returning to Shenzhen,She goes to training every day,But the feeling is completely different from the official game.Besides, she was on the rise, she originally had a lot of expectations for this season.The reality that there was no match to play all at once forced her to re-adjust the status quo.

  First of all, in training arrangements,Wang Xinyu’s training time is about the same as before.In the morning or afternoon in the court of Shenzhen Tennis Center.In addition to outdoor training,It will also include indoor physical training,It’s just that the foreign physical coaches who have been with her for three years have not been able to come to China to meet up with them.So she can only practice by herself based on the information sent by the foreign teacher.”They sent me a lot of training materials,But still with them,It feels different to be guided.”Wang Xinyu said.”For example, if I do something wrong,The foreign teacher can correct on the spot and point out,Now I can only take a video to show them,not very convenient.”

  And in ball training on the field,In addition to regular exercises, Wang XinyuI also added some projects that I had less time to do before,For example, serve the Internet, hit the ball under the crotch, etc.To enrich their “arms arsenal”.During this period she also traveled from Shenzhen to Guangzhou,Played exchange matches with friends such as Zhu Lin and Zheng Saisai of the national team,It’s a pity that she suffered some injuries to her wrist after that match.So I went to Nanjing for treatment.The current training back to Shenzhen is mainly about rehabilitation.Therefore, it is temporarily unable to participate in the China Tour starting in Yunnan on August 1.The return date has not yet been determined.

  As for international events,Wang Xinyu revealed that WTA has often held online meetings with players in the past few months.Announce some of the latest progress of the restart and the protective measures for the ranking of points,At the same time, there will be some online courses for players to learn,Including healing, psychology, etc.But when it comes to restarting the event on August 3,In fact, most players are still not very optimistic.Especially the games held in the United States,Including the US Open,Judging from the current local epidemic situation,Even if it can start as scheduled,Many players will probably not be there anymore.And Wang Xinyu and other Chinese players may also be absent.”It is still more difficult to go abroad to play games.”Father Wang told reporters.”Visas and flights are not easy to get.And go to be isolated,There may be many restrictions when you come back after playing.We won’t go out for the game for now.”


  Learning to drive + reading,Enriching off-site “skill packages”

  There is no game to play,The player’s income has naturally fallen,In particular, professional tennis basically relies on participating bonuses as the main income.Fortunately, as a member of the national team,Wang Xinyu is like other Chinese female tennis players,Even if the income is less basic training is still guaranteed,The venues and facilities are supported by the local network association in Shenzhen,Unlike some foreign professional players who have no game income,Also need to work part-time to make money to maintain training funds.Dad Wang didn’t want Wang Xinyu to think about economic issues too much.”She is still young,Economic factors are not something she needs to think about right now,”Wang Peng said,”We hope she will concentrate on playing well,Improve yourself.”

  But for a long time only training,But there is no competition,It is unavoidable for athletes to be boring and even irritable.Especially Wang Xinyu’s original personal goal this season was to hit the top 100.Her current WTA singles ranking is 140th,If you can enter the top 100,Then you don’t need to play qualifying rounds to participate in Grand Slam tournaments in the future.So achieving this small goal makes a lot of sense for her.But today’s reality makes it seem like an impossible task to achieve the goal this year.Fortunately, Wang Xinyu is still very young.In the future, there will be opportunities to continue to hit the target,Secondly, she has always been more optimistic,Self-regulation ability is relatively strong.During the time at home,Wang Xinyu kept using the method of “doing something else”,To alleviate the anxiety of not having the ball to play.

  ”I have been learning to drive in the past few months,I want to take the opportunity to get a driver’s license this year.One of the “other things” she did was learning to drive.”Now I have taken Subject Three!”The other thing I do a lot is reading,Wang Xinyu likes reading books,Especially the feeling of holding a paper book in hand,But in the past, it was inconvenient to carry a pile of books around during a tour tour.I have been at home for a long time now,She can stock up a lot of books to read,”The one I have been watching recently is “Lotus” written by Gyeongsan.”Wang Xinyu recommended to reporters.”I prefer to read prose books,I like beautiful words.”

  And as a freshman at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,Wang Xinyu is also studying relevant knowledge of business administration.It’s just that because of the competition,Now we have encountered an epidemic,Since enrolling last year, she has only experienced one week of university life in Shanghai.Other times they rely on online learning.Although this major is a little bit science-based,But Wang Xinyu feels that in the long run,Master some financial knowledge,It will still be helpful for yourself.


  Love to be beautiful,Love Grand Slam champions more

  In fact, maybe the status of a professional player will make Wang Xinyu more knowledgeable and experienced than her peers,But most of the time in private,This 18-year-old girl likes food, fashion, and selfies on social media like all girls.There are also favorite stars (Liu Yifei and Liu Wen). For example, she loves coffee,Shenzhen now has a special fashionable boutique cafe,So she laughed and said that she drank almost all the Internet celebrity cafes in Shenzhen.I recently drank a coffee with the taste of red bean paste.I strongly recommend it to fans.

  In addition,There are many pictures of herself on her Weibo,Some are selfies,More is from the “full-time photographer” Wang’s father.”I just pose,Then let my dad take the phone to take a continuous shot,When he finishes taking pictures, I will choose the angle of light from 30 to 40 pictures.Repair it and send it out.”Wang Xinyu said,And almost every photo will have fan comments below,One of the most praised her is “so beautiful”.

  As early as three years ago,The 16-year-old Wang Xinyu gained fame for becoming the first post-00 player in China to win a Grand Slam wild card.In addition to the brilliant youth competition record at that time,The first impression she left to the outside world was beauty—clear facial features and a tall figure.It reminds me of her idol, Russian superstar Sharapova when she was young.So since then,Wang Xinyu was praised by the media as “Chinese Shawa”,The shooting of her is also a favorite of photographers.A photojournalist who had gone to the Zhuhai station to interview told reporters,Wang Xinyu looks good when taken from any angle.”Very celebrity.”

  However, Wang Xinyu feels that she is not a star.At least on the streets of Shenzhen has never been recognized by fans.It’s just that there are more and more opportunities to participate in the competition,Her media exposure is getting higher and higher.As a girl who loves beauty,Wang Xinyu also followed the beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers she followed on social media,Self-taught skills such as makeup and dress matching,To remain in public whenCan give a good impression.

  ”I think it’s mainly a courtesy,For example, many games will have pre-match player evenings,Everyone is dressed more formal,If you have a disheveled hair and wear a sportswear, go,It feels a bit rude.”As for the game,Wang Xinyu would not deliberately apply makeup or something.Apply sunscreen at most,After all, youth and vitality are the best makeup on the court.And she secretly told reporters,She belongs to “the kind of skin that doesn’t tan,Every time I go back and raise it for two days, it turns white again.”

  And seeing that the public opinion often gave her the title of “beautiful girl player”,Wang Xinyu still hopes that everyone will pay more attention to the latter two words.”I am very grateful for fans who like and support me,Sometimes I also interact with them online,Reply to their messages or something,But I’m more pleased that everyone recognizes my identity as a player,So I hope I can bring joy to fans by winning more and more games in the future.”In her eyes,The greatest joy is undoubtedly a Grand Slam championship trophy,So she also bluntly said: “My big goal is to win the Grand Slam championship!”

  This is indeed a grand goal,But for an 18-year-old girl,Her world is full of expectations and possibilities.Even an annoying epidemic,After all, it will only be a temporary experience on her growth path,When we start again,This little flower from the south will grow again to the sun,Waiting for the moment of blooming.

  Southern Reporter Wang Yayun