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武汉夜生活论坛:2020 Chinese Football Association Youth Training Center (Meizhou) Preschool Football Carnival kicks off

2020 Chinese Football Association Youth Training Center (Meizhou) Preschool Football Carnival kicks off
August 1,The 2020 Chinese Football Association Youth Training Center (Meizhou) Preschool Carnival officially kicked off on the football field of the Municipal Sports Center.This activity is guided by the Meizhou Sports Bureau,Organized by Meizhou Football Association,There are a total of 6 kindergartens from Meizhou City Youth Training Network,About 70 children participated in this activity.Inside and outside the stadium,The Football Association uses strict epidemic prevention measures to escort the children’s carnival,Perform temperature measurement and information registration for every person entering the venue,And has a professional medical team,Ensure the safety of activities.

  It is understood thatThis activity focuses on popular children’s football games, cultivating children’s strong interest in football, and creating a good football cultural atmosphere.Mainly let children fall in love with football in the game,Feel the charm of football,Physical fitness,Have a fulfilling and rich holiday.Simultaneously,This activity is conducive to the establishment and improvement of Meizhou youth football youth training system,Create a strong atmosphere in which all sectors of society care about and support youth sports,Guide more young people to participate in sports and football.

  ”Kindergarten football is the foundation for revitalizing the hometown of football,In recent years,The Municipal Football Association closely focuses on the work deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to revitalize football.Under the direct leadership of the Municipal Sports Bureau,Earnestly implement the youth training work ideas of the Chinese Football Association on “Grasp the small, grasp early, grasp well” of children’s football,Further extend the focus of youth training to young children,Continuously provide and cultivate fresh blood for Meizhou football.In addition,I hope that children will not only play well,Also read a good book,Be good!Bring the unity and hard work spirit of football into play in the youth training.”Said Wen Qilong, vice president of the Meizhou Football Association.

  Zhang Ling, deputy secretary general of the Meizhou Football Association said,This year’s youth training camp will be held in,The 2020 China Football Association Youth Training Center (Meizhou) Preschool Carnival, which focuses on games and interests, opened this summer’s football preschool activities.It also indicates that the development of Meizhou children’s football has taken another step forward.

  Nanfang Daily reporter Chen Ping