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CBA playoff preview: Who can stop the Guangdong defending road?

CBA playoff preview: Who can stop the Guangdong defending road?
Xinhua News Agency, Qingdao, July 30 (Reporter Lin Deren and Zhang Xudong) A record of 29 consecutive victories in CBA history and a record winning rate in the regular season of team history.Let the Guangdong team become the undisputed biggest favorite of the championship this season,Under the background of compressed playoff schedules, fewer games, and increased chances,”The heroes fight in Guangdong” will become the most distinctive main line of the playoffs this season.

  With Zhou Peng returning from injury,The strength of the Guangdong team has been further enhanced,The lineup tends to be complete,After the rematch, there weren’t too many challenges.In the final round of the regular season, they faced their rivals Beijing.The Guangdong team achieved suppression in the entire court,In the end, he won with a huge advantage of nearly 20 points.

  The Beijing team is considered to be one of the biggest rivals on the road to the Guangdong team.And the victory of this battle,It undoubtedly adds a psychological advantage to the Guangdong team.

  Yi Jianlian, the aging Guangdong main general, saved his energy well this season.Playing time was compressed to 30 minutes per game,Only 39 games have been played.In some games choose to take turns.For the Guangdong team,Yi Jianlian’s role on both offense and defense is unsurpassed.He is also the most critical link on the road to defending the Guangdong team.

  Before the start of the playoffs,The Guangdong team wanted to recall foreign aid Marshan Brooks,Add another insurance to win the championship,However, Brooks was diagnosed as “asymptomatic infected person imported from abroad” after entering the country.This has also become a variable in the Guangdong team’s playoff journey.

  This season, the top 12 playoffs and quarter-finals of this season adopt a single-game decisive format.The semi-final is a three-match two-win competition system.This also adds a lot of uncertainty to the game.

  In the top 12 battles,The fifth ranked Guangsha team will face the 12th ranked Fujian team.The winner between the two teams will compete with the Beijing team for a semifinal place.This set of duels has a lot to watch,Sun Minghui of the Guangsha team has just been elected the most progressive player in the regular season this season.The morale of the team is booming,The Fujian team led by Wang Zhelin is also balanced inside and outside.Strength should not be underestimated.

  In addition,Zhejiang vs. Shanxi, Beijing Enterprises vs. Jilin, Qingdao vs. Shandong also have their own characteristics.The results of each game are unpredictable.

  quarter final,The Guangdong team will play against the winner between Qingdao and Shandong,In terms of strength, the Guangdong team is clearly superior.but,The playoffs were held in Qingdao,For the Shandong team and Qingdao team,Even if it is held empty,Familiarity with the venue environment also gives them a certain “home advantage”.If the three armies use their lives to perform supernormally,Clearing the Guangdong team is not easy.

  The other half is quite variable.The state of Xinjiang, which ranks second, is not stable.The Bayi team, which was once at the bottom of the league, was cut down.The third-ranked Liaoning team lost general Li Xiaoxu,The inside strength is further weakened,If the Guangdong team reaching the finals is a high probability event,So who will face Guangdong in the finals will be the biggest unknown in the playoffs.

  CBA has entered the end of the season,The playoffs will usher in a more intense duel.CBA announced,To ensure the health and safety of spectators,According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control,And the evaluation of the participation of some specially invited people on July 26th,The organizing committee of the competition area decided,The playoffs still adopt the specially invited admission to watch the game plan.This also means thatFrom the first round of the playoffs on July 31,Medical staff, teachers, and public security personnel will continue to be able to make an appointment through the league’s official ticketing platform an appointment to watch the game.Simultaneously,The 2020 high school graduates, league partners and club special fans will also be included in the special list.You can watch the CBA playoffs by appointment.

  In the cheering of the audience,CBA teams are also expected to play more passionate performance.