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Hengda Meritorious Derby Gao Lin PK Feng Xiaoting!Shenhua is the true test of deep foot

“Hengda Meritorious Derby” Gao Lin PK Feng Xiaoting!Shenhua is the true test of deep foot
Nandu News Reporter Feng Zhen China Super League Round 2,Shenzhen Football Club welcomes Shanghai Shenhua.Shenzhen won R&F in the first game 3-0,Shenhua lost to Evergrande 0-2,It seems that the momentum is booming,However, it is considered a success if Shenzhen can score 1 point on Shenhua.of course,Shenhua’s goal is definitely 3 points.

  Donadoni said: “The second game is definitely more difficult.The opponent lost the first game,Will try to prove himself in the second game.There is no doubt that the last victory helped us,Morale will improve,We have to do what should be done.Don’t take it lightly,The more difficult it gets later,The schedule is tight,May have injuries,Be attentive to the league.We must continue to do a good job,Even better,At the same time, we must correct our shortcomings.”

  Shenzu won widespread praise from the outside world by winning the first game.But Donadoni is still sober: “Of course I feel honored to hear positive comments from the outside world.But anyway,The season is still long,We must focus on ourselves,Focus on promoting and kneading the team’s chemical reaction.This is a tiring season,But the more critical the moment, the more unable to relax.Which team can do better in the details,Which team can go further.”

  Shenhua’s pressure is significantly greater,Because their goal is clearly AFC qualification.Cui Kangxi said: “A total of 14 matches were played in the league.Every point is important.Unfortunately, I lost the first game,The second scene is very important.First of all, players need to forget the last defeat as soon as possible.More importantly, the next one.Shenzhen is different from last year,The overall morale is also good.We should pay more attention to it psychologically and tactically.”

  The first Shenhua line of defense is not complete,This time Bai Jiajun, Feng Xiaoting, and Zeng Cheng can all play.The cards are completely different.Feng Xiaoting, who attended the pre-match press conference, said: “I have prepared well.Avoidance in the first game,Unfortunately.The team did a good job last game,But there are details that have not been handled properly.No competition for 6 months,Everyone is not in the best condition,Including me,As the game started,Everyone will get better and better.”

  Feng Xiaoting’s return seems to give Cui Kangxi confidence: “The rear defense leader returns,On the basis of a solid defense,Will give offensive players more room to play.”

  if nothing unexpected happened,Fans will see the confrontation between forward Gao Lin and central defender Feng Xiaoting in this game.The direct confrontation of these two veterans of the Evergrande dynasty will attract much attention.