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武汉男人夜生活网:Gazidis: The new stadium is the basis of Milan’s future plans.Struggling to renew Ibrahimovic插图

武汉男人夜生活网:Gazidis: The new stadium is the basis of Milan’s future plans.Struggling to renew Ibrahimovic

Gazidis: The new stadium is the basis of Milan’s future plans.Struggling to renew Ibrahimovic


News on August 25 The senior officials of AC Milan held a press conference at Milanello base today.Answered some questions.The following is the part of CEO Gazidis:

Talk about the new season

“We are very happy to be back at work,Everyone is ready for the new season.Fighting the epidemic is still a tough battle,We have a strong sense of responsibility.Football plays an important role in returning to normal life.We hope to open the stands soon,The fans are critical,We all miss them,But we can only do these things on the basis of safety.”

Talk about the transfer window

“We have a young lineup,They are growing in a very positive way.At the same time we also hope to sign in,For a good club,It is important to combine young teenagers with experienced players.The club still has a difficult task,Improve lineup strength,To achieve sustainable development and profitability.This will be a long road,But we are doing our best.In addition,The new stadium will also be an important part of this plan.”

Talking about Ibrahimovic

“Since his return to Milan,He plays an extremely important role.We very much hope to continue to cooperate with him,He not only played a leading role in the team,It also helps the growth of young players.We are doing everything we can to ensure that a renewal agreement is reached,I am very optimistic about this.”

Talk about Elliott Group

“We are lucky to have a strong and stable holder Elliott,He provided a lot of investment.The most important thing is to make the right investment,Implement our philosophy.We must pay attention to capital,Also pay attention to competitive issues.This is an unusual transfer window,We must ensure that we do not make mistakes in signings.Maybe the more the window closes,The more opportunities for transfer,We want to make sure we are ready.”

Talk about the club

“We participated in various activities,The modernization of the club is not only about the performance of the team on the court.I repeat,The new stadium will be a fundamental part of our future plans,From a business perspective,The new stadium has made great progress.We also hope that the players will continue to grow,The teenagers developed smoothly,The new players quickly integrated.Last summer we brought in some unknown players,Such as Benasse, Special Olympics,But our work and system inspired them.”

Talk about fans

“I want to say two things,One is that we very much hope that you can be there today,So we try to make the speech clearer.The second is that our task is very difficult,Despite many difficulties,But we still poured all our enthusiasm and hard work.We are closely united,Towards the same goal.We need you,Need your support.We want to bring Milan back to where he belongs,I believe we are on the right path.This journey will neither be easy nor complete overnight.But we will continue to follow this path.”

(Edit: Yao Fan)