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武汉桑拿论坛:Gutby: Playing against Guoan, you must play your full strength as against SIPG插图

武汉桑拿论坛:Gutby: Playing against Guoan, you must play your full strength as against SIPG

Gutby: Playing against Guoan, you must play your full strength as against SIPG


News on August 25 This afternoon,Yongchang coach Guterbi and his player Zheng Zhiyun attended the pre-match press conference.He said that Guoan is one of the best teams in the Super League.Your team has to treat it like the SIPG game,Exert all strength,And only when the opponent plays poorly can you have a chance.

Talk about preparations

Gutby: It will be an exciting match against Guoan.Facing this kind of opponent, we all want to show our progress,And prove what you want to achieve.Guoan is one of the best teams in the Super League.Even the best team,We really want to show our strength against them.

As a coach,Our goal in every game is to win,No matter how difficult,All for the fans to win.We are also very much looking forward to this game,Of course, just like the game in SIPG,We have to exert our full strength,And only when the opponent plays poorly can you have a chance.

Zheng Zhiyun talks: Good afternoon everyone,After losing the last game,Our whole team also made some adjustments,According to the coach’s plan these days,Do targeted deployment and training in defense and offense,Although it seems that we are rotating against the National Security Council,But we will not back down,Treat this game with all your strength.

Oscar has only one goal so far,How to regain his fighting power?

Guterbi: First of all, the data you said is correct.We scored goals except for the last game.But it’s not because there is no opportunity created,We have created many opportunities,It’s just that the front efficiency and accuracy are poor.

As a very young player, Oscar came to the Super League from the Chinese Premier League.As individuals, club fans,All need to be patient with him,The most important thing is that he works very hard and hard in every game.The position on the field is also very correct,He can always be in the right place at the right time,As for some goal opportunities not scored,It has something to do with his tension on the court,He also feels a lot of pressure now.undoubtedly,He is a top striker,I am also sure that he will also become a key player in the team and even an excellent player in the Super League.Forwards all over the world have a goal shortage,Once they open the goal account,Will score goals continuously,I believe he is the same.

What are the targeted deployments in the face of National Security?

Guterbi: Guoan is very capable,Different players have different offensive abilities,The abilities of their players in all positions are outstanding,Including substitute players,So our whole team needs to do a good job in overall defense,The attack speed must be fast,Find the right space.

I believe we have seen our previous performance,We can compete with any team,Every game has a chance to score points at the last moment,We are very successful in this regard,But if this game is to be successful,Must achieve good performance,To have a chance.

Do you think there are defensive loopholes in the national security three guards?

Gutby: Before these two games,Guoan has achieved victory,They are the best team in Group B,The goals they lost in the two games should not be viewed critically.In such a closed environment,In hot and humid weather,Players will definitely lose concentration on the court.I don’t think their concealment has anything to do with technique and tactics.

Everyone can see instability in all games and all teams this year,And the recovery time for each team is very short,When you face this kind of hot and humid weather of 35 or 6 degrees,It will have a great impact on your attention.

Has the whole team adapted to the rhythm of the Super League?What issues should be paid attention to in the second cycle?

Gutby: All the players are looking for the rhythm of the game,As a newly promoted horse from the middle one,There are 16 new players,We may have a learning curve,In the process, points will be lost and the game will be lost.

I think apart from the game against SIPG,We take the initiative in the rest of the game,The kick is very comfortable.Even in the game against SIPG,We also have a good chance,Our counterattack is also very threatening,I hope the team’s performance can be maintained,Even better.

In the second cycle,I hope our experience on the field and control of the game will be done well,Help us get more points.Only real games can give players experience,This kind of experience cannot be given by training,The previous game is also very important to us.

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