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武汉桑拿论坛:Alexandrini: I will do my best no matter where I am,Coach Wu is a good coach

Alexandrini: I will do my best no matter where I am,Coach Wu is a good coach


News on August 25 In an official interview with the Chinese Super League recently,Huang Haiwai aid Alexandrini, who scored 4 goals in 6 rounds, said,“I am very happy to come to China to play football,Experience different cultures,No matter where,I will definitely try my best to compete,Coach Wu is a very good coach.”

In the second round of the league, you were officially selected as the MVP of the round,And the break of the flying fairy from the sky left a deep impression on people.This can be regarded as a goal with your personal characteristics?

Alexandrini: Yes,This goal is very good for me,It also helped the team,It adds to the spectacle of our team’s game,And the final result of the game is also very good.I scored two goals in that game,We finally got a precious draw.In particular,The second goal reminded me of many beautiful goals I scored when I was young.I believe this goal will motivate me to score more beautiful goals.

The iconic goal deepens people’s impression of you,Surely you will bring more surprises to fans in the future?

Alexandrini: I think I have many personal characteristics,As the game progresses,You will definitely see more.As a player,I first need to help the team win in different positions,And as an offensive player, I am very unique in many aspects, such as passing, shooting and assisting.As the game progresses,You can definitely see more of my performance.

As we all know,You have suffered several major injuries in your career,Even last year you missed the game for quite a while,So now have you recovered to your best condition?

Alexandrini: Yes,I feel my condition is very good now,Last year was not easy for me,I have been actively recovering after being injured,And finally get the opportunity to play in Qingdao Huanghai Football Club.I feel my current state is very good,I also hope that this state can be maintained until the end of the league.

There is a penalty kick in your current goal,I heard that you offered to punish yourself,How did you communicate with your teammates at the time,For what kind of considerations?

Alexandrini: Generally speaking of our team,As the team leader, Wang DongHe is also the number one free thrower,But at the time I saw Wang Dong gave this opportunity to Zhu Jianrong,So I think that time was also an opportunity for me.I hope that after Wang Dong,I can take this responsibility,Especially when we were behind in the score,I very much hope to take this opportunity to help the team to catch up with this score as much as possible.

most of the time,The shooter really needs a chance to find the feeling of shooting on the court.This is why you want to take this penalty kick?

Alexandrini: As an offensive player,It is very important to gain confidence on the court,And you can score more goals with this confidence.I had this confidence back then,And I’m sure I can score this ball,So I voluntarily asked to free this ball,And the result is good.

Did you communicate with Zhu Jianrong about the penalty afterwards?

Alexandrini: For our teammates,Does not require excessive communication,Sometimes one look is enough,And I am very happy that he scored the second goal.

In just a few months,Has it been well integrated into the team?Regardless of life or training,Have you been able to adapt well?

Alexandrini: Yes,In just five months,I’m used to life here.Because of the epidemic,This makes this year’s season very long,But it also gives me more opportunities to understand Chinese culture,Understand the football here,For me this is very important.I feel my condition is very good now,I am also better able to understand some of the thinking of Chinese players,This makes our cooperation more tacit.

I came to this eastern country for the first time,How do you feel?Why did you choose to come here?

Alessandrini: For me I had a good opportunity at the time,Although there are several teams in Europe who want to sign me,But I personally like traveling,Like to experience different cultures and different footballs.I have been in Europe,I have also stayed in the United States,There was a different opportunity in China at that time,So I am more inclined to come here,I am also very happy to come here to experience different cultures.

How do you evaluate your initial experience in the Super League?How to treat the Chinese Super League?

Alexandrini: Before coming to China,I watched a lot of Super League matches,I also learned about some players,I know the league here is very good,It is also an opportunity for me to learn.Including our team is also very good,I can enjoy football here,This is something that makes me very happy,of course,I believe we can do better.

You have played in the five major leagues,I have also worked with big-name stars like Ibrahimovic,Now coming to a newly promoted team in the Super League,Will there be a difference in mentality?

Alexandrini: No matter where you are,I will definitely try my best to compete,No matter who my teammates are,I will definitely give him the utmost respect.And personally,I am a person with a strong desire to fight,So I will definitely dedicate my best side to everyone.

These resumes of past careers,Will the experience gained help a newly promoted team better now?

Alexandrini: Past experience is very important for my personal help,As you said,I have experienced many injuries,Also played for many football clubs,These not only make me a mature football player,It also made me a better man.

So in the Yellow Sea team,What role do you think you should play?

Alessandrini: I often communicate with young players off the court,In the game, I often encourage my teammates around me,I think this is also part of my job,And as the number ten I often hold the ball,To organize, to help the team, to score goals,This is my responsibility on the court.

Your current number of goals is among the best,Will you set yourself a season goal in this regard?

Alexandrini: To be honest, there is no such goal,I have scored a lot of goals in my career,But I have never set such a goal for myself,Because I think I only need to maintain a healthy body,Playing on the field,I will definitely score.

For the Yellow Sea team,The beginning of the league still experienced some twists and turns,Has this situation changed with the arrival of the head coach?What do you think is the biggest change in the team?

Alexandrini: I think the biggest change is the mental outlook of our team.With the arrival of the head coach,We run more on the court,To fight more,I think this is very important,And I think our team will get better and better,Trust my team. 

The arrival of the head coach has made everyone more stable in their mentality?

Alexandrini: Yes,Our head coach is very well known,And brought many other players in our team,Before he came,The players already knew him.And he is very experienced,He brought us a lot of changes,For me personally,Coach Wu is also a very good coach.Because he can speak English,It’s easier for me to communicate in language,And he had the experience of studying for a long time in Germany,So his thinking is very European,Also understand the European players better.

Recently, the Yellow Sea team won three consecutive draws and one victory.But overall the gold content is very high,Especially this match against Beijing Zhonghe Guoan,Known by many fans“Miracle Night in Istanbul”A copy of?

Alessandrini: It is very important for players to fight against strong teams.Especially against teams like Beijing Zhonghe Guoan and Shanghai SIPG,It is very important for us to get scores,It has improved the confidence of our players,This is what I think is the most valuable part of these draws,So I think we can still play better.

Since this year’s league is conducted in a tournament system,Many teams will choose the appropriate rotation when playing against strong teams.To adjust itself according to its own state,But the Yellow Sea team showed a stronger desire to play?

Alexandrini: I think this should be a question for the head coach.But if I were to answer, I think,In the face of strong teams, some rotations are indeed possible,In fact, we also made about two or three position adjustments.Because we need more time to recover,After all, in such a dense schedule,A game will be played in four or five days,This is not easy for anyone.of course,These still require the head coach to make the final decision.All we need to do is to respect the decision of the head coach.

Whether it is a draw with the top two teams in the division,Still get points when one less man fights,All showed the face of the Yellow Sea team,What do you think the team relied on to tide over the difficulties?

Alexandrini: I think it mainly depends on the spirit of our team,The players help each other on the court,Make us a very difficult whole to conquer,And we also gained confidence from it.

(Edit: Li Shengde)