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武汉桑拿论坛:Hot discussion on Dalian’s Ping Hengda: Evergrande takes Ma Baoguo’s posture to respond,Not foolish插图

武汉桑拿论坛:Hot discussion on Dalian’s Ping Hengda: Evergrande takes Ma Baoguo’s posture to respond,Not foolish

Hot discussion on Dalian’s Ping Hengda: Evergrande takes Ma Baoguo’s posture to respond,Not foolish


News on August 25 On Tuesday night, the seventh round of the Super League,The Dalian people drew 2-2 with defending champion Evergrande.After the game,Many insiders discussed the game through Weibo.

Reporter Chen Yong:

I think the people in Dalian are flat,But it was really good,But the main lineup is too physically overdrawn (Dalian is a rare team with less rotation),Lack of stamina,Finally missed the victory,But this game,Confidence in the team is still very important.In fact, Dalian people don’t need to be too anxious.The situation of Group A,It is too difficult for Dalian people to enter the semifinals.It is the key to prepare for the second stage with peace of mind.As for the question of whether the Dalianese will change coaches,Still need the club to decide,Because they know the team’s situation best.

Media person Weili Pan:

1.Evergrande’s biggest problem in this battle,Is not mentally prepared,This is more serious than not being physically prepared.Really use Dalian people as the bottom fish belly,There must be a price to pay.The season has been a whole month,Dalian, which has won six games, must have a victory to reverse the infamy.Who is the best to beat?Of course it is Evergrande.The opponent has accumulated 200% of energy,Carrying an axe to fight,Evergrande responded with Ma Baoguo’s posture,It’s not ignorant.

2.Taliska is indeed in bad shape,He himself admitted,Cannavaro also admitted.But in terms of personal ability,Talisca is the second player in this team after Paulinho.In the eyes of the coach,Foreign players in bad condition are also stronger than local players.

3.Does Evergrande need Talisca?I think it is still needed.The average age of foreign players in this team is too old.Talisca, 26, was trained as the number one core in the future.The results of the first stage of the Super League will not be brought into the second stage.In theory, it can be used as a stage for military training.The real test is the AFC Champions League in October.And the second stage of the championship sprint.Talisca must still be watched then.

Reporter Feng Zhen:

Pity,There will be no way to introduce good foreign aid like Paulinho in the future.

Reporter Liu Siyuan:

Adversity depends on Paulinho!Nothing wrong! (I agree with what everyone said,One more sentence: Desperate needs to rely on Dapoly!)

Reporter Lin Benjian:

The Evergrande team’s offense is now without Wei Shihao,There is no speed at all.But Wei Shihao suffered a leg strain,Cannavaro did not let Wei Shihao enter the roster for two consecutive games,This is responsible for Wei Shihao,What Kashuai wants is a completely healthy Wei Shihao.
Could Talisca really be like Cannavaro said before the start of the league,Waiting for him to get back to the state,Maybe the first stage of the league is over.but,Why can Paulinho be in good shape?Two-to-one comparison,The gap is a bit big,There is still a reason.

(Edit: Li Shengde)