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武汉桑拿论坛:Sky Sports: Maguire was sentenced to 21 months and 10 days in prison,Will be suspended插图

武汉桑拿论坛:Sky Sports: Maguire was sentenced to 21 months and 10 days in prison,Will be suspended

Sky Sports: Maguire was sentenced to 21 months and 10 days in prison,Will be suspended


News on August 26 According to Sky Sports,Manchester United captain Maguire was convicted of three counts of serious injury, arrest and multiple bribery.Was sentenced to 21 months and 10 days in prison,Execution will be postponed.

Maguire was interrogated on Tuesday local time.Sky Sports reporter Kelner followed up the interrogation.Maguire himself did not attend,And his father Alan arrived at the interrogation scene.The defendant’s side is Maguire, his brother Joe Maguire and a friend Sharman,They were defended by lawyer Anagnostakis.

Maguire’s defense attorney stated,He has a video from outside the police station,It can be seen that the three defendants have fallen into“Extreme pain”(Extremely agony)But he needs more time to confirm.So Maguire’s defense team requested an adjournment of the trial.And said they did not have enough time to prepare,But this proposal was not accepted.

The prosecution stated that Maguire had told law enforcement police:“Do you know who I am?I am the captain of Manchester United,I am rich,I can give you a lot of money,Let me go!”When plainclothes police intervened in an attempt to settle the dispute,These British people are not calm at all.One person still said:“F**k,F**k police”,Another person attacked the police.

Another policeman also stated that Maguire said something similar to him:“Let me goI am rich,I can give you money,I am the captain of Manchester United.”

Maguire’s defense team stated,Two Albanian men injected something into Maguire’s sister Daisy.Then Daisy fell into a coma.Maguire and others immediately called a car to take them to the hospital.But in the end it reached the police station.

The police witnessed that the first time he received first aid was when he was trying to arrest Maguire.When Maguire realized that he was going to be handcuffed,He was furious and broke free from the police.The defense stated that Maguire broke free just to make a phone call.But the police said they did not see them calling.

Another police witness said that when Maguire was handcuffed,He was pushed hard by Maguire.Caused him to fall and hurt his back,He also said that his thigh was also injured.

Morley, a childhood playmate of the Maguire brothers, was also invited by the defense to testify in court.He said that at midnight that day,Maguire’s fiancée Fern noticed his sister Daisy’s eyes turned back.They suspect that two Albanians injected her with drugs.He also stated that the evidence regarding bribery is vague:“They didn’t make it clear what he wanted to pay,They would never say‘F**k Greece’,They love this country very much,They are longing for ancient Greek culture.”

In the end, the defense stated that the rights of the defendant were not respected.Because the police did not identify Maguire and others.

In the end, Maguire was charged with three counts of serious injury, resisting arrest and multiple bribery.He will face 21 months and 10 days in prison,But it will be suspended,Because he was the first offender,And the charges are only misdemeanors.

(Edit: Yao Fan)