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ANY OLD TAT Beckham, Sancho, Bellerin, Dele, Hart and a Tokyo 2020 howler… the top sports stars with world’s worst tattoos

THEY say money can’t buy you taste.

And for all the millions today’s top athletes make – whether it be footballers or any other sports star – it appears that mantra has never been more true than when applied to tattoos.

Goalkeeper Joe Hart is the latest footballer to get an eyesore of a tattooCredit: Refer to Caption

Former England goalkeeper Joe Hart proved that with the massive block of ink across his right shoulder.

And not even the unofficial King of Cool David Beckham is immune to an occasional style blunder.

Here’s a look at some of the worst around.

Dele Alli


Dele Alli has a tattoo of Bamm Bamm from the Flinstones on his forearm

Look past the gold bling and you will see Spurs star Alli’s permanent tribute to Bamm Bamm from the Flinstones.

A somewhat unconventional choice, Alli – whose first name is Bamidele – is thought to have got it because his nickname is Bam Bam.

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