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武汉男人夜生活网:Reporter: Liao Lisheng reviewed his knee injury,Meniscus injury will stop for at least three weeks

Reporter: Liao Lisheng reviewed his knee injury,Meniscus injury will stop for at least three weeks


According to a report by reporter Li Yi on August 27,Evergrande player Liao Lisheng went to the hospital today to review his knee injury.The diagnosis report showed that his injury was a meniscus injury.Will be injured for at least three weeks.

According to related reports,Liao Lisheng, who missed the team’s many games due to a meniscus injury,Go to the hospital today to review the knee injury.In the previous battle with Shenzhen Kaisa,Liao Lisheng was kicked in the calf by his opponent,After the game, I felt obvious pain in my left knee.After discussing with the team doctor, he decided to go to a nearby hospital for examination.The final diagnosis report given by the hospital this morning was a meniscus injury of the left knee.At least 3 weeks of injury.

After the injury, Liao Lisheng has been absent from the team’s joint training.When the team was training, he recovered alone in the hotel gym.It’s been 20 days since I was injured,Liao Lisheng went to the hospital again for a review to check the meniscus injuries.According to the recovery situation and then formulate the next recovery plan.

Judging from the three rounds of his previous debut,Liao Lisheng has gradually gained the trust of Kashuai.As Zheng Zhi and Huang Bowen get older,His role in the midfield position is also becoming more and more important.Only played 3 rounds in the new season,Liao Lisheng suffered injuries,For Evergrande,It can be considered a heavy blow.For Evergrande,Liao Lisheng still needs to be on the court,Because Evergrande now needs a midfielder like him.

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